Along with Aztara, Acirma is one of the two islands in the far western corner of the Southern Alliance. Together, the two are more properly described as a single island with a massive, misty canyon a little over two Kio across dividing them known as the Agraeran Divide. However, due to the different governing systems, varied environments, and because of old traditions, the two are counted as two different and independent islands.

Acirma is the southern of the two islands, and slightly smaller that its sister to the north. It is also only slightly larger than the island of Yheyn far to the south. It is a highly volatile, volcanic place - close to eigthy percent of it is volcanic wastelands along the west and south. Eveything else is flatland and plains that is, overall, mostly fertile. Despite the overall harshness of the environment, this small spot is perfect for agriculture, and the countryside is quite scenic.

The population of Acirma is somewhere around seventy thousand, mostly located in a large city along the eastern coast known as Acira-Metru, which stretches for close to fifty Kio of the coast and ten further inland. Acira-Metru is the trade capital of both itself and Aztara, and is known for its large, towering buildings and the large number of its residents who reside in apartment buildings.

For the most part, Acirma is home to Ta-, Le-, and Ga- Matoran, but it is hardly limited to those three elements, and many other species - particularly Vortixx and Steltians - make their homes here. Not very many Prime can be found residing here, which is somewhat unusual.

The leader of the island is known as a Governor, and he devotes much of his time to handling political issues rather than passing them onto other, lower ranking officials. For the most part, he has a reputation for doing what's best for the island, but his refusal to take aid from others has led to a few mistakes, and he also shows favor to those in the city over the farmers out in the fields.

The Xankah Order has no power here, leaving the Toa Council as the only Toa based group to offer the Matoran Protection. The Council Chamber is small, though, with only a couple dozen Toa. For all but the direst of issues, the city guard is often forced to take care of things.