Frumus is an independent island, and for the last 300 years has not sworn loyalty to either Yheyn or to the Southern Alliance. It is composed of many closely knit fishing and farming villages, with the largest being Fisherman's Rise, located upon a massive seaside plateau. The break-off was done diplomatically, and guarntees peace and continued trade with Frumus and the mainland, as long as a few troops are allowed to remain garrisoned on the islands forts.

Geographically, Frumus is mostly flatland along its western and southern areas, and is famed for the massive, unexplained canyons that break through the rock at seemingly random locations. The smaller, norhern region of the island is coated in a light forest, with a small patch of mountains along its furthest, seaside edge.

The inhabitants of Frumus are some of the strongest examples of Yheyn natives. Almost the entire population of the island is Matoran, with a few of the Prime species thrown in for good measure.

Most members of the Yheyn Rebellion can be found on Frumus, as many of the miners from the islands to the north that were unable to get employed on Kantis moved down here, trying to find something new to do with their lives. They have no actual base here, instead living in their own homes and forming up whenever the call is made for an attack.