The Southern Alliance is the name granted to the central confederacy created by the twelve independent governments of the eastern chain of Southern Islands. It is based on the island if Everok.


The Southern Alliance is formed by the islands (in order of size) Everok, Ampora, Wulfath, Riffia, Fanik, Nui-Vatur, Tiyark, Kigym, Ibrak, Aztara, Acirma, and Yheyn.


The symbol of the Southern Alliance is a black, twelve pointed star on a teal background. Twelve arrows of gold fire from each star, for a total of one hundred forty-four arrows on the banner.


The Southern Alliance was formed some nine thousand years ago, while the Barraki reigned far to the north, for the mutual safety of those who were a part of it. The Alliance was formed on the central (and largest) island, Everok, which is today the seat of power for the Alliance and the location of its annual meetings.


The Southern Alliance is formed by the leaders of each of the twelve major islands that compose it. In the past, they would meet annually to decide on matters ot trade or military, but in recent centuries have instead employed the use of ambassadors to do this job in their place, and telepathy to relay any information.

The highest official of the Alliance is currently the Prime Minister, the leader of the major island Everok. His power is not much greater than those of the others, being limited mostly to keeping order during the meetings (something that was deemed necessary after Gremost almost threw the President of Tiyark through the ceiling).

Many of the leaders of the different countries have taken to calling themselves Governors, to show the equal standing that each has in the Alliance, rather than the titles ranging from King to President to Grand Mayor that were once commonplace.