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Waves of the South is the name of the first place winner of RPG Contest #24 on the BIONICLE fansite BZPower. Set in the Yheyn-Seas, it is meant as a way for the players to influence the events that occurred in the islands of the Southern Alliance well over 75,000 years before where the canon story as we know and love it first begins.

I don't own any of this, save maybe a few names that never were made before, if there are any, or some images I post (I don't have a copyright or anything in any case) and all rights to anything that is owned go to their respective owners. No profit is intended to be made off of this, and if there is, I'll sacrifice a goat to Charlie Sheen.

Unlike most Wikia, this isn't meant for editing as far as NPCs and the world and stuff go - that's stuff that I'll add in. I am, however, more than happy for players to contribute by writing up character pages, or to go through and correct anything that you're 90% or more sure is a typo on my part. I'd prefer it done with an actual account, so I know who to thank (or yell at - kidding), but doing it anonymously works just fine.

Follow all BZPower Rules & Guidelines if you make a page on here. I will delete anything that doesn't follow them to maintain the integrity of the site.

Thank you,

Toa Levacius Zehvor

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