The rebellion is the newest of the factions that have started forming in the Yheyn-Seas. This is easily reflected by the fact that the faction has yet to rally behind any single symbol, nor does it have a true leader. They desire to have Yheyn secede from the Southern Alliance, and removing Vamden from his position.

The rebellion began to form soon after Gremost passed away, due solely to Vamden's initial actions. At the time, it was a minor threat - just a small group causing trouble, mostly on Frumus and Kantis.

Soon after, things started to get worse. The rebellion was growing, slightly. Every action Vamden took seemed to cause more to flock to the group, even though a few dropped out at different points.

The influence that the Yheyn Rebellion had over Yheyn has recently reached its greatest peak yet. When the mines to the north were sold to Ampora, one of the guards there, a Prime known as Eydarian, led a large group of the unemployed miners and guards into joining the Rebellion. The group began growing larger and larger afterwards, but also more chaotic.

At the current time, numerous would-be leaders hold control over small clusters of the Rebellion. Eydarian keeps the most largest and most organized group under her control, but has had a tougher time than some others due to her inability to win over the affection of some native Matoran.

The goal of the rebellion is to oust Governor Vamden and appoint a new Count, an individual who is a native and willing to work solely for the benefit of the island Yheyn. They would then secede from the Southern Alliance and return to being independent as they had hundreds of years in the past.